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bring the freeze factory to you

Each event has its own atmosphere and experience that you want to celebrate and express, so why not create that experience just how you want it!

We have various packages based on the needs that you may require for your specialized event. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of KS and MO so there is no event that we can not handle! We can handle events as small as 20 people all the way to 2,000.

We offer the basic party option up to the ultra deluxe to give you the full Brain Freeze tribute. We also offer different payment options if you want to pay for all of your guests drinks or just cover the minimum without the full expense.

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The Basic Batch

The option provides you with 1 frozen drink machine and 5 flavor options to enjoy at your event. This package includes 3 hours of use and a bartender to help assist with the drinks

The Silver Package

This option provides you with 1 frozen drink machine with 8 flavor options to enjoy at your event. This also comes with seltzers and beer to keep the whole party happy with drinks. This also comes with 1 bartender to assist with dispersing drinks for 3 hours.

The Deluxe Package

This package comes with 1 frozen drink machine with 10 flavor options to savor on. Fully stacked seltzers, beer, water, and soda. This will include 4 hours of bartender service to service the event.

Ultra Deluxe

This comes with 2 frozen drink machines with 10 flavors to choose for each machine. Beer,wine, seltzers, water, and soda is included in this package. This will come with 2 bartenders and 4 hours of Brain Freeze time. 


The prices are subject to a surcharge fee if we are needed to supply addition power for the event.

Also, if you request more time for our services please let us know how much more additional time you will require.

Lastly, we offer various payment options for you to purchase your booking. You can pay all or pay some or meet in the middle.


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